Brad Clore

Chief Wahoo

Brad Clore

For the past 25 years, Brad Clore has been perfecting his craft of storytelling through video. With creative instincts, attention to the most minute details, and expert knowledge in videography, Brad provides clients video content that exceeds their expectations.  Born and raised in Charlottesville, Brad is thrilled to be back in his hometown cheering on the Wahoos.

When it comes to video, there is a lot to getting just the right shot. You need to create emotion and engage the viewer. Composition, lighting, movement and depth of field, are all techniques that Brad evokes to capture the intended mood. Equally important, Brad listens and shares ideas with his clients to maximize the desired result. Each project is unique– whether it’s to inspire viewers with a commercial, entertain through engaging digital and social branded content, showcase a product and turn a shopper into a customer for an eCommerce website or highlight heartache and triumph in a documentary.

“It’s important to know how and when to push the creative boundaries, because it’s then that you find ways to make some really cool stuff!” – Brad Clore

Brad’s video production career began in the TV news department of the NBC affiliate in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia and continued for more than a decade into subsequent media markets in Florida. Following local news, he spent several years at PBS where he developed many long form feature pieces and documentaries on a variety of subjects, earning dozens of prestigious awards.

Brad continues to take on special products nationally for NBC, ABC and FOX national networks, in addition to the Weather Channel, Military Channel, Discovery and National Geographic, among others. Throughout his television work, he has earned 16 Emmys. His commercial clients include the WWE, Ashley HomeStore and the University of Central Florida.

Today, he and his diverse creative team provide their clients quality content to effectively communicate their products and businesses through various marketing strategies.

What’s a WAHOO?

Yes, sometimes Brad receives a quizzical look when introducing the name of the company (only for those outside Central Virginia). It has to do with Brad’s roots. Growing up in Charlottesville, Virginia, Brad is a huge fan of the University of Virginia. The team’s nickname is “Wahoo.” So it just seemed right to embrace the love of the team; plus it’s a unique sounding name for the company.

Over the course of his career, Brad has honed his artistry. And in today’s ever evolving technology and digital marketing platforms, he acknowledges the importance to stay current on trends, styles, techniques and equipment. However, most importantly, Brad and his team are dedicated to serving their clients and doing their part to help each company be successful in their content marketing efforts.


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