June 30, 2017 Kelly Clore

Video in your content marketing mix: A “nice-to-have” or a “must-have?”

Surprised couple meeting in a coffee shop watching media content in a smart phone

A Kuerig in your break room, with free K-cups, is “nice-to-have.” Lost while driving to a client meeting? GPS is a “must-have.” And with online video accounting for 74% of all web traffic, video content in your marketing mix is definitely a “must-have.”

This is not new-news. Marketing strategists and thought leaders continue to highlight the significance that video plays in engaging customers. If your business is attempting to reach B2C or B2B customers, video is a must-have to reach and engage current and prospective customers.

Why is video a powerful marketing tool?

In today’s digital age, most of us are in arms-reach of a Smart phone, tablet or laptop with Internet access. It is there we seek information on products, chat on social media, scan the news of the day and gather limitless information.

But with all this info “out there,” as marketers, how is our business, products or service seen and heard above the noise? Video.

  • Video engages audiences more than any other communication. People spend an average of 6x more time on pages with video than without them.
  • Google loves video. To kick-up your SEO efforts, having video content can contribute to 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.
  • As a sensory experience, video is a great tool to educate, communicate and reinforce a brand.

Where can your business use video in your content marketing mix?

Essentially, wherever you want to.

Like driving a new sports car, it might take some getting used to – but you will love what it can do! If you haven’t used video much in your marketing efforts, just jump in and play around with it. Check out these ideas!

6 ideas to use video in your business

  • Highlight your brand: Video is a great way to tell a story. Share your company’s story and culture with leadership and employee interviews.
  • Testimonials: Who better to highlight the benefits of your company’s product or service than your clients or customers! Many will love to sing your praises.
  • Product Demonstration: Words are descriptive. Photos help you visualize. But a product video? It’s the next best thing to touching it!
  • Email Newsletters: Using video in your email campaigns will jolt your open rates. Include “video” in the subject line to increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%.
  • Homepage or specific landing page: Place where easily spotted and loads quickly.
  • Social media pages: Edit down longer videos and repurpose for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

Still doubtful that video is a “must have?” That’s OK. But don’t look over your shoulder. It just might be your competitors passing you by.

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